I have been pursuing art since the 1970s, garnering many awards, including Second Best of Show and First Place in several categories. A specialty book publisher chose me to paint the illustrations for a children’s book. Recently, I was one of the artists chosen for the 2008 “Butterflies at Branson” art exhibit featuring larger-than-life fiberglass butterflies sponsored by local businesses.

I use all media, but oil is predominate. I have participated in many workshops and classes. Perhaps one of the greatest influences in my painting has been Frederick Taubes, who taught me the advantages of grinding my own paints. His knowledge and research into the technique of art and the transcription of life subjects into art has been invaluable. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in both the practice of art and the study of art, applying the experience and knowledge of one to the other. All life is an ever-changing adventure, and I seek to capture that adventure on canvas. Because of the unending variety of life’s experiences, my approach is an inclusive appreciation of all styles and subjects. To truly translate life’s experiences into art, I cannot be limited to only one subject or only one style. Each painting is a fresh beginning, an opportunity to interpret one of life’s moments into a piece of captured experience executed onto canvas.

I am mindful of the source of all gifts and blessings; and I am thankful to Him for sharing a small portion of His infinite creativity with us. To God be the glory!